More pictures of our dogs

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Photo Gallery

This is Bo, Bozer...he was the first born from the first bloodhound litter we had. He is a very headstrong and very loving boy! Bozer loves to play in the snow, he would jump up and dive down sticking his nose in the snow and then snort blowing snow off his nose! He is out of our Bear and Stormy.

This is Peanut, her parents are Schoko and Minnie's.

"Melody" playing in the snow. Mel is a lover and gives everyone kisses, so beware! you will get a slurp real fast from Mel!

This is Sunshine wearing her new dress, she was very proud of it and was showing it off to everyone!

GROUP HUG!!!! Bonnie, Melody and Stormy. Three of the girls looking for attention from mom! "Come on Mom, lean over and we will give you kisses!"

This is Candy with her "07" litter. Two boys and a girl...

This is Ms Stormy with her 2006 litter of puppies. Doesnt she look happy and very pround of herself!

This is Rainey with her first litter of babies. She had both blue/tan and black/tan babies.

This is Missy Bear and Ms Mel, both are daughters of Bear and Meloday 2010 litter

This is Von, chocolate and tan. Her doggie parents are Schoko and Tinkerbell.

The black and tan is our Roxy and the liver and tan is Bodean, dad to Bonnie. Bodean belongs to Jodi in LA.

Here is Bumble Bee taking it easy. Her doggie parents are Sunshine and Flash.

This is America, she is a true tan minpin with natural ears. Amer came to live with us in March of "09". We are calling her Amer for short. She is a very loving dog, loves to curl up beside me on the arm of the chair feet sticking in the air or in my side! :)

Gunner playing in the snow, bloodhounds love to run in the snow and he loves to play fetch even with a ball that was coated with snow and doggy drool!