Our past dog Photo's

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Miniature Pinscher and Bloodhounds

Here is pictures of our family both two and four legged.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.

This is Monti, one of our boys. He is from our Elijah and Magpie.

This is us! So you know who you are getting your new family member from. This was taken the summer of 2013.

This is Bree, she is a blue and tan girl. This was taken with her second litter of puppies.

Misty our fawn girl, and Von, chocolate and tan.

This is "Rain" she is Misty's Mom

This is Momma's Baby! My Boo Berry Blue. He was watching the kids.

This is Flash, he is daddy to allot of our puppies.

This is little Princess, Prinny for short.

This is Alfred T, he came from Kathy Lear with TBench Minpins in NV

Bella, black and tan is a daughter to our Bean and Flash

Bear, our first Bloodhound male. Bear belongs to our son Donavan.

This is Suzie, Sunny and Tinkerbell. Suzie is Sunny and Flash's daughter.

Copper with a litter of past puppies, we lost Copper in the summer of "07". We miss you girl!

This is Charlie, Dad to Flash and some of the other kids.

This is Misty with her "O8" litter of fawn puppies. Misty is the daughter of Rain and M&M

This is Frito with a litter of puppies.

This is Ranger as a puppy, he is a blue and tan. Ranger moved here from MN.

This is Suzie taking it easy on the love seat.

Angel and Delilah, wow Angel what a big mouth you have! The picture made her look like she has a really big smile!

This is our Boston, black and tan merle. He came from Colorado.

This is Lacy, she always has a smile on her face.

Winna playing in the doggie pool

This is Angel, she was chasing a bug. LOL

Bumble Bee black and tan mipin looks on as her daughter Callie plays tug of war with Bo and Bayloo our bloodhounds both were born the first of 2013.

"Pooh Bear" our first Carlin male. He came from MN, "Oh what a big mouth you have"

Mouse all dressed for a day out!

This is Star with her first litter of puppies in the spring of "08"

This is Sunshine in her bumble bee hoodie. Mouse in the background wearing a lady bug hoodie.

This is Sasha and Sunny all dressed up.

CHOC. CANDY, "She is saying its time to chase the cat...please let me go!"she is the daughter of Sweetpea and Charlie.